Civil Litigation Fees

BAA Solicitors offers transparent and competitive fixed fees for civil litigation. The cost may vary based on the experience of the solicitor handling your case. During your initial consultation, our skilled Litigation Solicitors will provide a comprehensive breakdown of what’s covered by our fees. This includes addressing any potential additional expenses specific to your case. We’ve designed our fee structure to be flexible, enabling you to customise the legal service to meet your precise needs.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In situations where we can effectively steer your case away from court proceedings, our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods become valuable. These approaches not only help resolve disputes efficiently but can also contribute to reducing overall legal expenses.

It’s important to note that all the fees mentioned below are exclusive of VAT.

Initial advice for 1 hour £220
Preparing Letter Before Action £400

For more information on ADR, please contact the Civil Litigation Team.

Court Cases
Where cases lead to court action, our legal fees are as follows:

Service Our fees (from & excluding VAT)
Hourly Rates £300

Fixed fees may be agreed on a case-by-case basis, to be discussed at your initial appointment.


Disbursements are third-party costs related to your matter. We handle the payment of disbursements to ensure a smoother process. We must have the cost of such disbursements as cleared funds in our account before we engage third parties in your matter. Third-party costs may include:

  • Interpreters’ fees.
  • Independent expert reports (if necessary).
  • Mileage/travel expenses if there is need to travel to meetings and court hearings.

What Our Fees Do Not Include:

  • Court fees
  • Counsel fees
  • Independent experts (we will always engage in a discussion with you if we believe their expertise could be beneficial)

What Our Fees Include:

  • Your initial consultation, during which we gather essential information about your circumstances and provide guidance based on that information
  • Assistance in assembling the necessary documents, including a detailed checklist of required items
  • A thorough review of these documents, along with guidance on any additional evidence that may be needed
  • Effective communication and coordination with all involved parties and the Courts
  • Continuous advisory support and court attendance.

*** Please note that all fees quoted on this website are estimates for guidance purposes and are subject to our client’s care letter, which defines the scope and terms of the retainership between us and our clients.***

For more information on Civil Litigation matters, please call +44 208 001 0725  


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