Employment Cases Legal Fees

At BAA Solicitors, we provide comprehensive employment law advice, and our fee structure is designed to be transparent, with all figures presented below being exclusive of VAT.

Settlement Agreements

For settlement agreements, we offer a straightforward ‘fixed fee’ service that’s based on the amount agreed upon by your employer. Typically, this falls within the range of £250, £350, or £500. This fee covers advice and assistance on the agreement, including reasonable negotiations (such as a few calls or emails). Importantly, the invoice is sent directly to your employer, so there is no direct cost to you.

General Advice & Assistance

Whether you’re an employer or an employee seeking guidance on an ongoing dispute, we charge an hourly rate for our services. Our rate is £250 for preparation and attendances and £25 for standard letters and calls. Typically, fees for this type of work range between £500 and £1000, although it can be higher if there’s an extensive volume of documents or a complex range of issues.

Drafting Contracts, Etc.

For drafting basic contracts, our fee is typically £500. More complex documents may range between £1000 and £1500.

Tribunal Representation

While over 90% of our cases settle, we provide representation in tribunal matters. Should you require assistance with case preparation, such as creating a chronology, document cross-referencing, and organising documents, the cost can be significantly reduced. General costs for each stage are as follows:

  • Reading documents and advising on merits (2 hours): £500.
  • Drafting your Claim or Defence (3 hours): £750.
  • Preparing statements (4 hours): £1200.
  • General communications with the tribunal and other party (4 hours): £1000.
  • Representation at the hearing: £1000 per day, plus a brief fee if counsel is used.
  • Typically, a tribunal case may cost between £7,000 and £10,000, although more complex cases can exceed this range.
  • Please note that the complexity and duration of each case can vary based on factors such as the parties’ emotions, the volume of documents, and legal intricacies. Inefficiencies in the tribunal process may also impact the duration of the case. We bill regularly, usually on a monthly basis, providing an opportunity to discuss funding and strategies to reduce legal costs, such as settlement discussions or shared case preparation.

In every case, we work closely with you to find efficient ways to achieve your goals, including exploring negotiated settlements and streamlining correspondence or applications for deposits and strike-outs. If you are an organisation, appointing a single point of contact, typically someone from HR, can help streamline the process and reduce unnecessary duplication.

Disbursements: Disbursements are third-party costs related to your matter. We handle the payment of disbursements to ensure a smoother process. We must have the cost of such disbursements as cleared funds in our account before we engage third parties in your matter. Third party costs may include:

  • Interpreters’ fees.
  • Independent expert reports (if necessary).
  • Mileage/travel expenses if there is need to travel to meetings and court hearings.

*** Please note that all fees quoted on this website are estimates for guidance purposes and are subject to our client’s care letter, which defines the scope and terms of the retainership between us and our clients.***

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