Immigration Fees

In compliance with the regulations set forth by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, we are pleased to transparently display our fees for various immigration application types on our website. We understand the importance of knowing the costs involved in your immigration process. We are proud to offer highly competitive rates for our services. Below, you will find an overview of our fees and the factors that may influence them.

Hourly Rates: We charge hourly rates for a variety of immigration applications, including but not limited to:

  • Applications under the Immigration Rules, such as student, graduate, talent, and youth mobility visas, visit visas, spouse and partner applications, and more.
  • Applications for naturalization or registration as a British Citizen.
  • Applications on behalf of European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and their family members under the EU Settlement Scheme.

The hourly rates we charge are determined by the experience and seniority of your chosen lawyer and fall within the following range:

  • Partners: £250 – £300
  • Associate Solicitors: £200 – £250
  • Assistant Solicitors: £175 – £200
  • Trainee Solicitors and Senior Caseworkers: £125 – £150
  • Caseworkers: £100 – £125
  • Solicitor Apprentice: £80

Please note that urgent or out-of-hours work may incur higher rates.

Average Case Duration: On average, these cases require 5-20 hours of work. Costs may range from £875 – £3,500 for junior Solicitors and up to £1,750 – £7,000 for our most experienced partners. Some cases benefit from a combination of senior and junior lawyers working as a team. All figures are exclusive of VAT (charged at 20%). VAT is not applicable if you reside outside of the European Union.

The exact number of hours needed depends on various factors, including:

  • Case complexity and compliance with relevant laws.
  • Amount of supporting evidence and translation requirements.
  • Languages spoken.
  • Inclusion of dependents.
  • Communication frequency and inquiries.

Delegation of Tasks: In some cases, it may be appropriate to delegate tasks to trainee solicitors or caseworkers. We will seek your agreement before doing so, and their work will be billed in the range of £100-£150 per hour, depending on their experience.

Disbursements: Disbursements are third-party costs related to your matter. We handle the payment of disbursements to ensure a smoother process. We must have the cost of such disbursements as cleared funds in our account before we engage third parties in your matter. Third party costs may include:

  • Interpreters’ fees.
  • Independent expert reports (if necessary).
  • Mileage/travel expenses if an interview with the Home Office is required.

Please note that Home Office application fees are not included in our costs and must be paid directly to the Home Office.

Duration of Application: The Home Office’s processing time varies, and we cannot guarantee its exact duration. We can generally submit applications within 1-3 weeks, depending on document availability.

Case-Specific Estimates: The anticipated hours and fees provided here are estimates and may vary based on the unique circumstances of your case. For a more accurate estimate, please contact us with detailed information about your situation.

Appeals: If you require advice and representation for appeals against Home Office decisions, our hourly rates apply. The preparation time for appeals typically ranges from 20-40 hours, with costs between £3,500 and £7,000 for junior Assistant Solicitors and £6,000 to £12,000 for experienced partners. VAT (20%) applies, but not for clients residing outside the European Union. For the appeal hearing, we work with experienced barristers, and their costs range from £1,000 to £5,000 plus VAT, depending on seniority and case complexity.

Meet Our Team: Details of our team’s experience and qualifications are available in our immigration team profiles.

*** Please note that all fees quoted on this website are estimates for guidance purposes and are subject to our client’s care letter, which defines the scope and terms of the retainership between us and our clients.***

Getting Started: To begin your immigration journey with us, please call us at +44 208 001 0725  or email You can start with a one-hour consultation with a partner or solicitor to discuss your case and explore your options. We can conduct consultations in person, through various online platforms, or by phone.

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