Family Law Legal Fees

At BAA Solicitors, we provide competitive fixed fees for our family law services. These fees may vary based on the experience of the attorney handling your case. During your initial consultation, we discuss in detail what’s covered by your payment, including any potential additional costs specific to your case. Our fee structure is designed to offer flexibility, allowing you to tailor the legal service to your exact requirements.

It’s important to note that all the prices listed below are exclusive of VAT.

Family Law Consultations

For those seeking valuable advice, we offer one-hour consultations to provide guidance on addressing your family-related concerns and navigating the legal landscape. These consultations can help you make informed decisions when dealing with your family matters.

Service Our fee (excluding VAT)
Initial consultation (1hr) Between £150 and £220

Family Court Representation
We offer cost-effective legal representation, ensuring that access to our services is affordable for all.

Service Our fee (from & excluding VAT)
Attendance at hearings listed for up to 1 hr £1200
Preparing statement (depending on which type) £750
Consideration of an opponent’s statement (depending on which type) £500
Hourly Rates £150 – £300

A member of our family team will explain the options available to you, and advise which of these services are required for your circumstances. For more information on family matters, please contact us on +44 208 001 0725 .

Divorce proceedings
If you have made the difficult decision to separate from your partner and are looking to divorce, our competitive fees make the process more accessible.

Service Our fee (from & excluding VAT)
Divorce proceedings (Petitioner if not defended) £600 plus court fees

For additional insights into divorce matters, please contact us.

Financial Settlements After Divorce
We are here to assist you and your former partner in resolving financial disagreements and establishing cost-effective arrangements.

Service Our fee (from & excluding VAT)
Hourly Rates £300

For comprehensive details on financial disputes, please contact us.
Child Custody and Arrangements
We specialise in handling family matters that revolve around children. Here are the fees for our child law services:

Service Our fee (from)
Children Act application £1200
Child Act application with statement £1600
Direction hearings listed for up to an hour £1200
Hourly Rates £150 – £300

For more information on child law matters, please contact us.


 Disbursements are third-party costs related to your matter. We handle the payment of disbursements to ensure a smoother process. We must have the cost of such disbursements as cleared funds in our account before we engage third parties in your matter. Third party costs may include:

  • Interpreters’ fees.
  • Independent expert reports (if necessary).
  • Mileage/travel expenses if there is need to travel to meetings and court hearings.

Our fees encompass the following services:

  1. Initial consultation: Gathering information about your circumstances and offering guidance.
  2. Document preparation: Assisting you in collecting necessary documents and providing a comprehensive checklist.
  3. Document review: Evaluating the gathered documents and determining the need for additional evidence.
  4. Correspondence with other parties and the courts.
  5. End-to-end advice and support once a decision is reached.

*** Please note that all fees quoted on this website are estimates for guidance purposes and are subject to our client’s care letter, which defines the scope and terms of the retainership between us and our clients.***

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